ways to waste less food

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Wrap cheese in wax paper or cheese paper

Ways To Waste Less Food

The clouds look like demonic marshmallows that infect the sky.
Wrap cheese in wax paper or cheese paper

First wrap in wax or cheese paper, then stick in a plastic baggie. Gently place the precious cheese in the warmest part of the fridge (vegetable or cheese drawer).

Save your dried out mushrooms
Donate what you don t want
Make frozen fruit and vegetables your new best friend
Wrap cheese in wax paper or cheese paper
Make a grocery list
Extend your breads life with a celery stalk
Watch out for the Bulk Trap
Pickle or preserve whatever you ve got
Freeze your fresh herbs in olive oil or butter
Find out how you can compost in your city
Buy organic milk instead of regular It lasts a whole lot longer
Make frittatas with your leftover vegetables
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