ways to waste less food

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Find out how you can compost in your city

Ways To Waste Less Food

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Find out how you can compost in your city

Different cities have different composting systems. More than 100 U.S. cities offer curbside composting, plenty have drop off points at local farmers markets and community gardens, and if neither of those works, you can always pay someone to do it.

Find out how you can compost in your city
Wrap cheese in wax paper or cheese paper
Use your kitchen scraps to make homemade vegetable stock
Turn leftover bread into croutons
Dont mix fruits and vegetables
Make a grocery list
If you cant clean your plate pass it to someone who can
Break your bananas apart and increase their counter life
Turn day old rice into fried rice
Extend your breads life with a celery stalk
Tupperware Not just an excuse for parties
Save leftover wine in the freezer
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