top cancer myths debunked

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Bye bye soy

Top Cancer Myths Debunked

Bye bye soy

Cant live without your soy latte or tofu stirfry? No need to give them up just yet. Though soy contains chemicals similar to estrogen, a hormone that canpromote tumors in breast cells, the 2012 American Cancer Society Guidelines on Nutrition and Physical Activity for Cancer Survivorsreports that current research finds no harmful effects to breast cancer survivors from eating soy.

No more BBQ
Get off oral contraceptives
Get rid of your mobile phone
Bye bye soy
Dont dye your hair
Cut out acidic foods
Banish all sugar from your diet
Never drink from a plastic water bottle
Take vitamins
Drink loads of red wine
hrow away your bra
Take one aspirin a day for five years
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