valentines day

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Valentines day

Saint Valentines Day also known as Valentines Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine.
Valentines day
Concentrate on your partner
Small box with Kisses
Its the thought that counts
Just wanted to say I love you
Movie for 2
Dinner for 2
Sports and sports
Get whats needed
Under promise and over deliver
Be a mirror
Note it
Plan a dream date that wont cost you a dime
Prepare a romantic meal
Enjoy yourself
Be happy
Book a hot reservation
Vamp it up
Help him out
Be appreciative
Snag him a Love is Art Kit
Wow him with flirty photos of you
Book an unforgettable experience for him
Make a picture postcard trail for him to come home to
Send him a personalized video card
Leave love notes for him on his car
Get creative when it comes to dinner
Enjoy a little ambiance
Play hooky
See some live music
Seek out some silence
Have low cost fun with food on Feb 14
Give thoughtful gifts
Reflect on that flower purchase
Write down how you feel
Plan ahead for next year
flowering plants
Valentines Day card
Get drunk
Coupon book
Meet him at class with hot chocolate
Splurge on a hotel room
Take him down memory lane
Head to Victorias Secret
Set a budget and make it fun
A classic card
Cook it
Indoor picnic
Dinner in bed
Buy him tickets to a sports event
skinny dipping
Go ice skating
Give a gift that keeps giving
Dress the part
Be a snow bunny
Muse over your magical moments
Fill a need for your partner
Know how your partner likes to be loved
Little gift box
Make your gift personal
Give the gift of giggling
Give the gift of touch
Remember that money isnt meaningful
Get the Zen treatment
Play Truth or Dare
Go back to high school
Watch the sunrise
Channel your inner poet
Give each other erotic massages
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