tips to succeed in an interview

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Be Yourself And Do Not Pretend

Tips to succeed in an Interview

Job search techniques change, the labour market changes and job descriptions change.
Be Yourself And Do Not Pretend

You should not try being everyones darling or pretending being someone else just to get the job. Neither in life in general, nor in an interview in peculiar. Sure, as mentioned previously, you would need to adapt and to show that you understood what the company, the role, and the interview is all about. Saying that, never give up easily your core values and convictions. Be ready to enter a good and constructivelyled discussion with different point of views. Important to reckognize, however, to remain tolerant, openminded and to discuss in an empathic and factbased manner. Leaving out emotions, politics, and any extreme thoughts and positions. One final comment Even after having done a thorough analysis of the company and the role youre interested in, it might turn out in the interview that some fundamental aspects are not inline with your expectations or, and that also might happen, the position itself does not seem to fit any longer. Once and after good reflection this should become obvious to you then you should not go for the role nor accept it, if it were offered. Most likely it would be a painful experience and it would not work out.

Advice on asking questions
Be sure you are well groomed
Clarify anything you are unsure of
Why should they hire you
Research the company
Give a smile to everyone
First impressions count
Be Considerate and Courteous
Before the interview
Exude confidence
Know Your interviewer
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