incredible people with real superpowers

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Kim Peek Mastermind

Incredible People With Real Superpowers

Incredible People With Real Superpowers
Kim Peek Mastermind

Kim Peek is the real Rain Man whose almost unimaginable powers of memory were coupled with severe disabilities and inspired the Oscar winning role played by Dustin Hoffman. Known as a megasavant, he had one of the most exceptional memories in recorded history.

Ma Xiangang is Mr Electro
Dean Karnazes Super endurance
Stephen Wiltshire super photographic memory
Worlds loudest woman
Wim Hof is the Iceman
Veronica Seider telescopic vision
Harold Williams super linguistic powers
Daniel Tammet Mathematical Genius
Ben Underwood the boy with echolocation
Cassie Graves has a potent scent
Rathakrishnan Velu has teeth of steel
Tibetan Monks control their body temperature using their minds
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