save water

Care for your lawn in a more water efficient manner

Save Water

Tips on saving water at home and office. We're trying to cut our water use at Eden.
Care for your lawn in a more water efficient manner

Only water the areas that need it, and use a trigger nozzle on your house or water can to save water. You can also, catch the rain and use it for watering your plants, lawn or garden.Water the garden and lawn at night. Watering at night gives water more time to soak in without added evaporation from the days heat. Water deeply but less often. This will encourage plants to grow deeper roots, so that they need water less frequently. The roots of grass dont grow as deep as those of other plants, but they can still be encouraged by deeper, less frequent watering. One way to water deeply with a minimum of water is to water slowly using drip irrigation or micro sprinklers. The simplest form is a soaker hose; other options include drip tape or hoses with emitters. These systems do not lose water to evaporation like overhead irrigation and keep plant foliage dry to help lessen disease. Buried tape applies the water to the root zone for even greater efficiency. These systems may need to have acid added to the water to keep calcium or iron from plugging the tiny emitters.

Do less laundry
Care for your lawn in a more water efficient manner
Wash full laundry or dish loads
Maintain your sprinklers and irrigation
Replace your clothes washing machine with a high efficiency washer
Plant appropriately
Get or create a dual flush toilet
Save water from your taps
Check your plumbing for leaks
Install a water meter
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