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Save water from your taps

Save Water

Tips on saving water at home and office. We're trying to cut our water use at Eden.
Save water from your taps

Turn the faucet tap off while you are brushing your teeth, shaving, washing your hands, doing dishes, and so on. Turn the tap off when you shower, too. Get wet, then turn off the water while you soap up. Turn it back on for long enough to rinse. Look for a twist valve that installs behind your shower head to keep the water temperature where you set it while the water is off.Catch the cold water that comes out of the faucet, tap, or shower while you are waiting for the hot water. Use it to water plants or pour into your toilet reservoir after flushing. Water from a hot water tank may have more sediment or rust than water from the cold water tank, but is otherwise suitable for drinking. If you use a water filter, you can filter the saved water, and put it in bottles in the refrigerator for drinking water.

Around the house
Make sure to use your toilet appropriately
Install low flow shower heads and faucets or faucet aerators
Save water from your taps
Replace your clothes washing machine with a high efficiency washer
Take shorter showers
Use waste water or gray water from the bath
Wash full laundry or dish loads
Wash the car on the lawn
Plant appropriately
Get or create a dual flush toilet
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