rules to play paddleball

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Learn to score

Rules to play Paddleball

Learn to score

Paddleball scoring is the same as tennis scoring and is played in sets of 1, 3, or 5.
Tennis scoring begins with both teams at 0, also called love. One point is scored as 15, the second point for the same team is 30, and the third point awarded to the same team is 40. The serving teams score is called first. For example, if the serving team wins 3 points and the receiving team wins 2 points, the score would be 40 30.
Once a team reaches 40, that team wins the game if they win one more point. If the score gets to be 40 40, a situation referred to as deuce, the next point wins that game. Normal tennis scoring requires that either team must win two points in a row in order to win the game, but paddleball does not use advantage scoring.
Paddleball can be played in sets of 1, 3, or 5. One set is completed when a team has won 6 games, though they must win by a two game margin. Therefore, 6 4 would be an acceptable set score, but 6 5 would not. If the second situation occurs, you continue to play games until one team wins the set by a two game margin.

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