rules to play paddleball

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Good return

Rules to play Paddleball

Good return

The ball touches the net, posts, cord, net hand crank, band or center strap and then hits the deck within the proper court.
The ball, served or returned, hits the deck within the proper court and rebounds or is blown back over the net, and the player whose turn it is to strike reaches over the net and plays the ball, provided that neither the player nor any part of the players clothing or equipment touches the post, net, net hand crank, cord, band or center strap or the deck within the opponents court, and that the stroke is otherwise good.
The ball is returned outside the post, either above or below the level of the top of the net, whether or not it touches the post, provided that it then hits the deck within the court. NOTE: It is not a good return if the ball is hit through the open space between the net and the post.
A players paddle passes over the net after the player has returned the ball, provided that the ball had crossed to the players side of the net before being struck by the player and that the stroke is otherwise good.

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