save water

Use waste water or gray water from the bath

Save Water

Tips on saving water at home and office. We're trying to cut our water use at Eden.
Use waste water or gray water from the bath

If possible, hook up a hose to the outlet on your machine to send the water outside onto your garden. To re use bath water use a hand operated Syphon Pump. When hand washing dishes, rinse the dishes into a container, and empty the container into your garden.Collect water for re use anytime you are running the water waiting for a particular temperature. Simply run it into a bucket, watering can, or pitcher.If you collect clean water (such as while adjusting water temperature), you also can use it to hand wash delicate clothing.Also collect water that you use for rinsing produce and for boiling pasta or eggs.Use garden compatible soaps and cleaning products if you collect gray water for gardening.If youre not sure whether gray water is suitable for plants, you can use it to flush your toilet. Either pour it directly into the bowl, or (provided there is no sediment) use it to refill the toilet tank when you flush.

Convert your toilet to low flush
Save water from your taps
Plant appropriately
Install a water meter
Around the house
Grow grass appropriately
Make sure to use your toilet appropriately
Maintain your sprinklers and irrigation
Take shorter showers
Dont wash the driveway or sidewalk with a hose
Time water usage
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