rules to play trampolining

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Rules for children

Rules to play Trampolining

Rules for children

My turn! One person at a time, at all times.
No somersaults! Dont try risky stunts like somersaults and flips.
Always bounce in the middle of the trampoline.
Never jump off! You could hurt yourself by jumping off the trampoline onto the ground. To get off, stop bouncing and then climb down.
Stand back! Keep away from the trampoline when someone else is jumping.
Watch out underneath! Never go under the trampoline when someone else is jumping.
Out of bounds! Dont use the trampoline if you see a rip or split in the mat, or if the padding has come away from the metal springs. Tell an adult.

Player eligibility
Match setup
You can also have a tournament
Stopping play
Trampoline safety
Using the trampoline
End of Game
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