rules to play bocce ball

Dead Balls

Rules to play Bocce Ball

Dead Balls

Should a players bocce ball make contact with the back board the bocce ball is considered a dead ball on impact and is removed from play until the end of the frame.
A) If the thrown ball comes to rest on the pallino or another ball that is touching the back wall, that thrown ball remains in play. The ball touching the back wall is removed from play. If the pallino is touching the back wall it remains in play.
B) If a bocce after hitting the backboard strikes a stationary bocce, that stationary bocce shall be replaced in its original position. The thrown ball is removed from play.
C) If a bocce hitting the backboard is not removed quickly enough and, as a result, strikes a moving ball that likely would have hit the backboard, allowing the moving ball to remain in play, that moving ball remains in play where it comes to rest.

Gather your bocce ball set
Conduct and Courtesy
Start of Match
Throw out the jack
Score one point
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