portrait photography tips for beginners

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Book a real photo shoot

Portrait Photography tips for Beginners

Book a real photo shoot

Contrary to popular belief, models are a dime a dozen no matter where you live. Head on over to ModelMayhem.com and find a local model. Many of them will not even charge you if you give them copies of the pictures you take. It s called TFP time for prints. Oh, a warning on ModelMayhem 90% of the models think their best pictures are when they are disrobed. I always have my wife go on the site and choose a model for me so I don t have to see the nastiness. Not cool.

Learn the famous S pose
If you haven t yet learned your lesson pay attention to the background
If you re going to use HDR use it wisely
Shoot up to give power Shoot down to take power away
Let that shutter rip to get great expressions
Long noses should look straight at the camera
Bring a Save the Shoot kit
Adjust the lighting to fix deep set eyes
Soften your on camera flash
Check for sharpness on the eyelashes
Get a vertical battery grip
Get a proper system in place for your memory cards
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