new year celebration ideas

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Cocktail Party

New Year Celebration Ideas

Celebrate New Years Eve in style, then here are these ways to crystallize the moment .
Cocktail Party

Since youre not planning a sit down affair, you have room to adorn tables with funky hats, party poppers, tiaras, noisemakers and streamers. And since New Years is second only to Valentines Day in kisses, leave baskets of mints in your bathroom to get everybody ready for action.Start your party with a bang by putting a large bowl of party poppers by the front door. As they arrive, guests get a gift and a great conversation starter. Not only do they have to look for someone to open the popper with, theyre then armed with the corny joke and goofy party hat usually packed inside. Snack bowls placed strategically around your home are handy for keeping guests munching without having to fight the crowds at a snack table. Fill some bowls with confetti and place them within easy throwing reach for midnight.

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Cocktail Party
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