rules to play triathlon

Bicycle Equipment Rules

Rules to play Triathlon

Bicycle Equipment Rules

The bicycle must be road worthy and in safe operating condition.
The bicycle shall have two wheels. No training wheels are allowed.
There must be at least one working brake on each of the two wheels unless the bicycle was manufactured with only one brake, in which case, the working brake shall be on the rear wheel.
The bicycle may be onroad, offroad or youth style. No recumbent style bicycles are allowed.
Only standard drop, straight, or curved handlebars are allowed. No aero or time trial bars may be attached to the bike or used during competition. All handlebars ends shall be solidly plugged.
No disc wheels or wheel covers are allowed.
Race officials reserve the right to disallow any bicycle deemed unsafe. Any unusual bicycle must be approved by race officials prior to competition.

Knowledge of the Course
Knowledge of Course
Traffic Laws
Bicycle Placement
Obstruction and Interference
Penalties and Prohibited Conduct
Illegal Equipment
Prize Money
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