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Consider Orthotics

Healthy Foot

Consider Orthotics

Because wearing the correct shoes is so important, orthotic footwear is a great investment in protection and comfort. Shoes made especially for people with diabetes are available at specialty stores and through catalogs, or you can visit your podiatrist for advice. Medicare Part B will cover one pair of depth-inlay or custom-molded diabetic shoes a year, plus additional inserts to reduce pressure on your feet. Your doctor may recommend this type of diabetic shoe if you have an ulcer or sore that is not healing.

Wear clean dry socks
Inspect Your Feet Every Day
Protect your feet in public areas
Check with your doctor
Dont hide ugly toenails with polish
Avoid sharing footgear
Keep Your Skin Dry
Foot pain advice for over 60s
Get Support
Wear Sunscreen
Dont smoke
Get Regular Checkups
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