movie plot holes and paradoxes

Independence Day Mac compatible aliens

Movie Plot Holes and Paradoxes

Top film scripts introduced unclear plot points and broke the rules they had established.
Independence Day Mac compatible aliens

They have travelled across space in order to harvest our planet of its natural resources. The best and brightest of humanity are no match for their initial onslaught, and our cities are destroyed. It s our darkest day. Luckily, however, the alien invaders of Independence Day are Mac compatible and we re able to upload a virus and win. Yay! Now anyone who uses Mac products will know that nothing is compatible with Macs that isn t Apple produced. Which begs the question is that what Steve Jobs was really doing back in the 90s? Sub contracting firms to build vast star ships under the Apple banner? Still, it all made perfect sense to me as an 11 year old boy watching the film for the first time. And honestly, that s what really matters.

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Independence Day Mac compatible aliens
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