most amazing volcanoes

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Most Amazing Volcanoes

biggest volcanoes on Earth, estimated by volume. Includes Tamu Massif, Mauna Loa and a few surprises
Eyjafjallajokull Iceland
Mount St Helens USA
Puyehue Chile
Mount Etna Sicily
Mayon Philippines
Lascar Chile
Anak Krakatau Indonesia
Soufriere Hills Montserrat
Mount Sinabung Indonesia
Manam Volcano Papua New Guinea
Tungurahua Ecuador
Pacaya Guatemala
Grimsvotn Iceland
Sinabung Indonesia
Popocatepetl Mexico
Mount Nyarigongo
Mount Gamalama Indonesia
Mount Tambora Indonesia
Sarychev Japan
Pavlof USA
The Sun Space
Mt Pelee Martinique
Vesuvius Italy
Santa Maria Volcano
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