healthy nose

Cleaning Your Sinuses

Healthy Nose

Cleaning Your Sinuses
Studies show that flushing out your nose and sinuses with lukewarm salt water can decrease sinus infections in people with chronic sinus problems. You can keep your sinuses clean and healthy by irrigating them with a sterile saline solution, says Kelleher. Saline nasal sprays and irrigation kits are available at pharmacies. You can also try a neti pot, which is an at-home device for cleaning out nasal and sinus passages. Neti pots are available at some pharmacies and health food stores. (just be sure to follow directions to use sterile, pre-boiled & cooled, or distilled water in your neti pot).

Use Nasal Sprays
Combat a stuffy nose
Avoid Contact with Allergy Triggers
Keep Your Allergies Under Control
Drink Lots of Fluids
Try a Saline Nasal Rinse
Changes in Air Pressure
Humidity in the Air
Soothing Your Nose Hydrate the Skin
Cough sneeze sniffle
Nasal hygiene for babies
Tips for Gentle Nose Blowing
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