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The SQ3R Technique

Ways To Study Effectively

Way to help improve your study mindset: Aim to think positively when you study.
The SQ3R Technique

Since a huge chunk of your study time is spent on reading, try employing reading techniques like the SQ3R. It teaches you to Survey the contents of the book or reading material, Question the reasons you need to read the material, Read and understand the text, Recite the salient points in what you just have read and take down notes if there are any, and Review take a few days or a week to go over what you read in order to better familiarize yourself with the material.

Put All Distractions Aside
Practice Makes Perfect
Employ Mnemonic Devices
Choose A Comfortable Study Area
Sing Like No Ones Listening But You
Organize Your Study Materials and Supplies
Making and revising a schedule
Jot down and participate
Positivity Courage and Confidence
Study With Friends
Eat for Your Body and Mind
A schedule saves time
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