forever young naturally eating

Healthy Eating Habits Write it down

Forever Young Naturally Eating

Healthy Eating Habits Write it down
If you’re unsure how healthy your diet is, start a food journal. Every day write down exactly what you eat, and when. After a week, scrutinize your results and try to recognize patterns. Do you slip into bad habits midafternoon or when you get home from work? Are your cupboards packed with processed foods because you go to the supermarket when you are hungry or accompanied by kids?

Eating from Scratch Colorful stir fries
Drinking Water
Food Away from Home Dining out without
Drinking Water Still or sparkling
Age defying Superfood Citrus fruit salad
Natural Nutrition Choosing good carbs
Eating from Scratch Homemade freezer foods
Natural Nutrition Fitting in fruit
What to Eat When Vegetarian roast
Organic Juicing Perk up juices
When to Supplement Keep joints mobile
When to Supplement Universal antioxidant
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