forever young naturally eating

Natural Nutrition Color combos

Forever Young Naturally Eating

Natural Nutrition Color combos

A rainbow of colors on the plate ensures you are getting a good intake of plant chemicals. Naturally deep green, yellow, and red foods contain antioxidant carotenoids that boost immunity and offer protection against heart disease, cancer, DNA damage, and age-related sight problems. Include peppers, broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes, carrots, and pumpkin in your diet, plus extravirgin olive oil to aid absorption.

Beating Cravings
Shopping for Food Organic farming
Natural Nutrition Leave processed meat on the shelf
Healthy Eating Habits Sharing meals
Green Essentials Open a window
Beating Cravings Visualization
Age defying Alcohol Avoid bingeing
Natural Nutrition Eat whole grains
Tonic Brews Herbal teas to revive
Green Essentials Alternatives to plastic wrap
Natural Nutrition Choosing good carbs
Eating from Scratch Summer salads
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