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Hair Removal

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Hair Removal

Although body hair growth slows as we age, the bad news is that it becomes coarser in texture and facial hair can become more noticeable in women. Waxes and depilatories may include ingredients irritating to dry skin and to varicose veins, while waxing can result in in-grown hairs. Here are some natural alternatives.

Emergency Eye Action Cooling compresses
Daily Facial Care Remember your neck
Organic Beauty Moon nurtured
Daily Facial Care Milk tonic
Natural Cellulite Busters Softening lumpiness
Deep Cleansing
Natural Haircare Basics Avoid harsh shampoos
Natural Cellulite Busters Firm loose skin
Organic Beauty Top 10 ingredients to avoid
Essential Toothcare Avoiding fluoride
Natural Cellulite Busters Flower remedies
Eternal Style Burn your bra
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