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Instant Radiance Relax your face

Forever Young Naturally Beauty

Instant Radiance Relax your face

Relaxing the face can be enough to soften frown and tension lines. Sit or lie comfortably and close your eyes. Take your thoughts away from outside matters—focus on your breathing or count to four as you breathe in and out. Consciously relax common areas of tension: drop your shoulders away from your ears, loosen your jaw, iron out your brow, feel your eyes heavy in their sockets, let your lips loosen, unclench your teeth, and let your tongue lie quietly on your palate. Let your nostrils and ears become quiet. Imagine the hair follicles on the back of your head relaxing. Remain expressionless, breathing quietly through your nose, for 3–5 minutes.

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Organic Shampooing Tonic for fine hair
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Deep Cleansing Steam cleansing
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Organic Nightcare Off the shelf creams
Natural Bathing Vanilla milk revitalizer
Organic Nightcare Night care oil
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