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How To Study For And Sit Exams

Exam Tips

tips for the day of your exam to boost your exam performance.
How To Study For And Sit Exams

Between the two of us weve sat quite a large number of exams since high school. In fact, we estimate weve sat 98 2 3 hour exams between us. This doesnt even include tests or assignments or internal exams. Thats not supposed to impress you by the way. Only to inform you we really have sat a lot of exams. And on top of our own experiences, were each currently spending three to four hours a day tutoring high school students about to sit their own round of exams. I think its fair to say, were quite familiar with the processes of exam study and exam sitting.

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We found it really helpful to go over our Cheat Sheet just before our exams too
Make the most of your reading time
Now the REALLY IMPORTANT part is that your teen sticks to this timetable
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