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How To Sit Exams Like A Pro

Exam Tips

tips for the day of your exam to boost your exam performance.
How To Sit Exams Like A Pro

When exams are looming its easy to get caught up in the exam preparation side of things and completely forget about planning your time in the exam.
Thats right your teen needs to sort out an in exam strategy too. Not doing so can be the difference between scraping a pass and absolutely nailing it.

Dont let your teen ignore the parts of their subjects they find hard
How Your Teen Can Make The Most Of Tutoring
The Most Important Study Tip I Can Give Your Teen
So have a go at making a study timetablewith your teen
Top Tips For Avoiding Exam Stress
Take a moment and breathe
Where do you start
If its important write it down
I procrastinate all the time and my grades are fine Let s dig deeper into this
How to Maintain Concentration While Studying
To sum up
How to look forward to the challenge
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