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I procrastinate all the time and my grades are fine Let s dig deeper into this

Exam Tips

tips for the day of your exam to boost your exam performance.
I procrastinate all the time and my grades are fine Let s dig deeper into this

The condition of a students work is not the same as it could be if he/she did not procrastinate, indicating insufficient learning of the task. For instance, this can be seen in the five year study of 777 marketing students at the Warwick Business School which was conducted by two researchers at the institute, David Arnott and Scott Dacko. They observed the final assignments from 504 first year students and 273 third year students, and discovered that the 86.1 percent of the students who waited until the last twenty four hours to submit their papers, earned a mean score of 64.04 out of 100. The early submission score was a mean of 64.32, which is equal to a B. However, the average score continued to drop every hour. Moreover, the students who waited until the last minute of submission had the lowest average grades of 59 out of 100, which is a C. This is a full grade lower than the average Feeney .

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