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Everyone is different

Exam Tips

tips for the day of your exam to boost your exam performance.
Everyone is different

Incentives that help your teen battle procrastination may very well be different. Sit down with them and have a chat about what little things would motivate them. They will often have a few ideas that you wouldnt have thought of that might work very well for them.
Using incentives it just one example of all the really simple things your teen can do to help transform their grades.
Maybe using incentives will be your teens magic bullet for study success?

How Your Teen Can Make The Most Of Tutoring
Projection thinking is the key
And the added bonus
Do you still think procrastination is good for you
Top Tips For Avoiding Exam Stress
Learn and revise your subject
There is good news though
When you have little things to look forward to it makes the task much easier to tackle
Everyone is different
The Art of Purposeful Study
This method gives your teen focus
Talking it over
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