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An Effective Exam Study Technique Your Teen Will Love

Exam Tips

tips for the day of your exam to boost your exam performance.
An Effective Exam Study Technique Your Teen Will Love

How your teen studies is critical to their exam success.
Thats the underlying theme of everything we do and say at The Study Gurus. With the right study techniques and a good work ethic, good grades are within anyones grasp.
My exams are creeping up horribly fast, only six weeks away now. But the good news is Ive come across a fabulous exam study technique that I know will help my study.
And Im sure it will apply just as well to your teens subjects at school too

ways to destroy exam time stress
How To Smash Out 2 Hours Worth Of Study In Just 1 Hour
Is your focus on the right thing
What do I mean
The Inside Scoop On Writing A Grade Essays
We found it really helpful to go over our Cheat Sheet just before our exams too
If its important write it down
So how can we fix this
To sum up
Dont let your teen ignore the parts of their subjects they find hard
This is why incentives can play a huge role in combating your teens procrastination
Projection thinking is the key
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