rules to play logrolling

Basic footwork

Rules to play Logrolling

Basic footwork

Now that you have mastered the basic stance for log rolling, its time to think about your footwork. One of the most important elements in log rolling is to never stop moving your feet! Fast footwork will enable you to stay on top of the Key Log. As a beginner, your goal is not to roll the log but to stop the log from turning by taking micro steps. If you take large steps, it will cause the log to spin faster. Once you have mastered slowing the Key Log down, you can work on controlling the speed and direction.With the log in a balanced position not rolling, begin taking VERY small FAST steps. This might feel unnatural, but it will pay off! You will be one step ahead of the rolling log. Your footwork should be in an up and down motion with as little pressure and weight on the log as possible. Heavy and weighted steps will cause the log to spin faster. Think about bringing your feet to the top of log, rather than rolling on the side of the log. Remember, the faster and smaller the steps you take, the more success you will have staying on top of the Key Log.

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The front step
VIP Prizes and VIP Grand Prize
River dance
Proper body stance
On Land indoors
Fundamental rules of log rolling
A beach start
Points and Badges
Mounting the key log from deep water
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