daily meditation can improve your life

Meditate early in the morning

Daily Meditation can Improve your Life

Meditate early in the morning
Amritvela or early morning meditation is a vital part of a Sikhs daily worship schedule. According to the Sikh code of conduct, Amritvela is three hours prior to dawn. Amritvela considered to be the most opportune time to achieve that instance of immortality when the soul relinquishes ego for union with the divine. To successfully observe Amritvela, it is essential to establish a routine so that early morning meditation becomes a habit. Whether or not you are a Sikh, these ten tips can help you to attain, maintain, and sustain a richly rewarding meditation practice for life.

Do it together
Letting Go of Me
Heals and Harmonizes
time to practice
Awakening Forgiveness
Use a candle
Pick a specific room in your home to meditate
Be Grateful at the end
Make it a formal practice
Nurtures Creativity
Read a book on meditation
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