chinese embroidery

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Chinese Embroidery

Chinese embroidery refers to embroidery created by any of the cultures located in the area .

Goldwork is the art of embroidery using metal threads. It is particularly prized for the way light plays on it. The term goldwork is used even when the threads are imitation gold, silver, or copper. The metal wires used to make the threads have never been entirely gold they have always been gold coated silver (silver gilt) or cheaper metals, and even then the gold often contains a very low percent of real gold. Most metal threads are available in silver and sometimes copper as well as gold some are available in colors as well.Goldwork is always surface embroidery and free embroidery the vast majority is a form of laid work or couching that is, the gold threads are held onto the surface of the fabric by a second thread, usually of fine silk. The ends of the thread, depending on type, are simply cut off, or are pulled through to the back of the embroidery and carefully secured with the couching thread. A tool called a mellore or a stilleto is used to help position the threads and create the holes needed to pull them through.

Drawn thread work
Crewel embroidery
Canvas work
Assisi embroidery
Broderie perse
Cross stitch
Whitework embroidery
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