celebrities who had unbelievable jobs

Channing Tatum was a stripper Natch

Celebrities Who Had Unbelievable Jobs

Celebrities Who Had Unbelievable Jobs Before They Were Famous.
Channing Tatum was a stripper Natch

Under the stage name Chan Crawford Tatum was an erotic dancer in his teens. The then 18-year old earned $50 per night and additional tips as well. It was during one such night that he was spotted by a female casting agent. Who eventually cast him as a junior artist in Ricky Martins music video, She Bangs.At the press meet of Magic Mike, in Los Angeles, Tatum revealed his most embarrassing gigs as a stripper. One was when he took the stage in a clown outfit and the other was performing in front of his sister and six of her friends.

Nicole Kidman worked as a massage therapist
Matt LeBlanc was a carpenter
Michelle Keegan worked as a check in agent at Manchester Airport
Patrick Dempsey was a champion juggler
Eva Mendes sold hot dogs on sticks in a shopping mall
Vince Vaughn was a lifeguard at the YMCA
Jon Bon Jovi worked as a Christmas decoration maker
Jim Carrey was a cleaner in a factory
Johnny Depp sold ballpoint pens over the phone
Christopher Walken worked as a lion tamer at a circus
Tom Cruise attended a Franciscan seminary
Cheryl Cole was working as a waitress before her audition for Popstars The Rivals
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