benefits of kumquat fruit

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Fasten Healing

Benefits of Kumquat fruit

Fasten Healing

Kumquat contains a good amount of Vitamin C that increases healing capacity of the cell. Kumquats are a small sized evergreen tree native to South Eastern parts of mountainous China. Today, they are grown for their delicious fruits and as an ornament tree in many parts of the world, including the USA. A mature kumquat tree bears several hundred olive sized, brilliant orange color fruits in the winter. On the Interior, the fruit resembles miniaure orange with juicy segments (arils), firmly adhereing to each other and with the peel. The pulp has 1 2 seeds placed centrally. The seeds are bitter in taste as in oranges, and generally, spit out.

Antioxidant Protection
Kumquats also contain Omega
Its All in The Pee
Round kumquat
Rich Source of Minerals
Fasten Healing
Vitamin C
Jiangsu kumquat
Ways to eat Kumquat
Protect from Inflammation
Marumi or Round Kumquat
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