benefits of persimmon

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Benefits of Persimmon


Wash 30g dried persimmon, 30g lotus root, 15g kinh gi?i (elsholtzia ciliate, available at any supermarket (well, perhaps not EVERY supermarket in Sydney) individually. Cut the persimmon in half, slice the lotus root and put, along with the flowers, into a pot. Pour in two bowls of water and leave for 15 minutes. Add 10ml honey to the mixture and then drink. Drink the remedy for 15 consecutive days and then take a break for a few days. Start the cycle again and continue until the hemophilia ceases (or you get sick from too many persimmons).

A good friend for those on a weight loss journey
Helps in improving production of red blood cells
Calorie Counts
Carbs Protein and Fat
Strengthens immunity
Postharvest Atmosphere Management
Skin allergies
Diuretic effect
High in Vitamin C
Preventing heart disease
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