benefits of persimmon

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Types and Varieties of Persimmon

Benefits of Persimmon

Types and Varieties of Persimmon

There exist three species of persimmon: the Chinese, the Japanese and the species from Virginia. The first one is the most cultivated species, whereas the latter usually grows wild. The varieties of persimmon are distinguished in astringent and non astringent. The first ones are the traditional, and the second, the most recent, are the ones consumed nowadays. The kaki includes three different species of the genus Dyospiros, that are distinguished by their size and taste.

Astringent and nonastringent variants
Liver health and body detoxification
Lowering Cholesterol Levels
Improves vision
It spread worldwide
Types and Varieties of Persimmon
Postharvest Problems
Calorie Counts
Cancer fighting
Improve Digestive system
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