benefits of persimmon

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Natural anti haemorrhoid

Benefits of Persimmon

Natural anti haemorrhoid

Persimmon is known to possess antihemorrhagic properties. No wonder it has been used in controlling excessive bleeding from wounds since time immemorial. A nonastringent persimmon, on the other hand, contains less tannin and can be eaten while it is crispy, as in apples. Astringency can be removed by treating the fruit with carbon dioxide or alcohol.

Strengthens immunity
Side Effect of Persimmon Fruit
Types and Varieties of Persimmon
Carbs Protein and Fat
Preventing heart disease
Health Benefits
Postharvest Problems
Helps in improving production of red blood cells
Treat Stomach Pain
Astringent and nonastringent variants
Hypertension or high blood pressure
Nutrition and Eating
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