benefits of passion fruits

Passion fruit seeds may offer significant cardiovascular benefits

Benefits of Passion fruits

Passion fruit seeds may offer significant cardiovascular benefits

Sano, Sugiyama, Ito, Katano, and Ishihata (2011) investigated the vasorelaxing effects of the major polyphenols found in passion fruit seeds. Vasorelaxation refers to the widening of blood vessels resulting from relaxation of smooth muscle cells within the blood vessel walls. This widening of blood vessels leads to a decrease in vascular pressure which is important for a healthy cardiovascular system.

Kills Cancer
Helps relax your nerves and mind
Colon Cleanser
Free radical damage
Introduction to Passion Fruit
Respiratory Conditions and Asthma
The insoluble fiber in passion fruit seeds promotes intestinal health
Juice can aid in weight loss
Beneficial for insomnia
Fight against diseases
Valuable food medicine
Contains Iron which relieves anemia
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