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Calmness and confidence

Boost Self Confidence

Calmness and confidence

deep relaxation and instant calmness for instant confidence.

If you are committed to your personal growth, you must have some quiet time to yourself every day. “Make it a priority. - David Lawrence Preston

Calmness and confidence are very closely related, and they start with physical relaxation. When your body is relaxed, your mind is calmer and clearer, you are more in control of your emotions and better able to relate to others. Physical relaxation and mental calmness help you cope with stressful situations, release unrealistic fears and anxieties, and improve concentration and creativity.

To acquire these benefits for yourself, you must practise:

1. Entering a peaceful, deeply relaxed state so that you can recharge your batteries. Make the most of techniques such as autosuggestion, mental rehearsal, anchoring and reframing.
2. Instant calmers. Learn to calm down instantly and stay calm, so that you can deal with awkward people and situations with ease.

Fortunately these skills are easily learned. If it helps, you can use a pre-recorded relaxation programme (you can download some from my website for free). Most of the early problems you may encounter will disappear if you practise daily, and you will soon be able to relax quickly and easily whenever you have the need.

And remember – the world won't fall apart if you take it easy for a while!

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