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Stand up for yourself

Boost Self Confidence

Stand up for yourself

introduction to assertiveness.

Too often our behaviour is dictated by obligation to others; in the process, we forget the primary obligation: to be ourselves. - Arthur Miller

Standing up for yourself assertiveness means expressing yourself clearly, staying true to your needs and values, while at the same time respecting the dignity of others.

Assertiveness is not to be confused with arrogance, rudeness and being unrealistic in your expectations of others. Confident, well-adjusted people have no need to brag, or be overbearing.

When you know how to stand up for yourself you deal with situations, including the most difficult, effectively. You are unlikely to be steamrollered into anything against your will.

Remember, you get treated the way you teach others to treat you. Assert yourself and you gain others'respect. Your relationships are more sincere, because everyone understands you perfectly.

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