annoying habits you should avoid doing in public

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Talking loudly in public transportation

Annoying Habits You Should Avoid Doing in Public

Annoying Habits You Should Avoid Doing in Public
Talking loudly in public transportation

Have some pity over your fellow commuters, and either learn to speak softly or dont speak at all. Think of the poor souls who have had to face their sh*tty bosses and supervisors, married people whove quarrelled with their spouse, young lovers who are dealing with raw heartbreaks, think of all these poor souls trapped with you in a confined space, growing frustrated by every second. It may so happen that you are one of those insane loudmouths who just dont know how to turn the volume down. If this is the case, the most humane thing that you can do is ask the person to call later or reassure him/her that youd give him a ring later. Believe me, no one is interested in listening to your conversation on god knows what.

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