worlds strangest vehicles

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Peugeot Capsule an escape pod car

Worlds Strangest Vehicles

Peugeot Capsule an escape pod car

Escape pods are nothing new to our collective consciousness. Hollywood writers have used this concept to save presidents from crashing planes to landing R2 D2 and C 3PO on Tatooine. Now designer Alp Germaner has dreamt up an escape pod that may not take you off planet but will certainly take you off road like never before. The Peugeot Capsule is a one person, off road,?electric vehicle?inspired by the KLR 650 motorcycle. Complete with integrated GPS, LCD screens that double as rear view?mirrors, full time internet connectivity (for jungle porn of course) and comes with enough?luggage?space to make a weekend of it.?Master Chief?not included.?",9.jpg,Worlds Strangest Vehicles 4110,Eclectic ?world s first energy autonomous vehicle,Claiming its creation in the world s first energy autonomous vehicle, Venturi equipped this nerdy car, called Eclectic with a solar panel and a wind turbine so it can get power from the elements. It also has a plug for recharging from an outlet, as the panel and turbine combined give you only something like 14 miles a day. But electric power still beats gas. You are able to buy an Eclectic for about $31,500, according to a Venturi press release.

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