salaries of wwe superstars

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Zack Ryder Dollar 535000

Salaries of WWE Superstars

Top Salaries of WWE Superstars in 2015.
Zack Ryder Dollar 535000

Zack Ryder has had an up and down career with the WWE. He has cleverly used social media and a popular Youtube series to further his wrestling career. Despite a perceived lack of push from WWE management Ryders fans were loudly heard not only in their chants but more importantly with their merchandise. Ryder has even branched out with a single Hoeski that cracked the iTunes top 100. Hes a savvy business man and should look forward to several more lucrative years.

Dolph Ziggler Dollar 900000
Zack Ryder Dollar 535000
Kane Dollar 905000
Triple H Dollar 2 Point 12 million
Bray Wyatt Dollar 254200
The Undertaker Dollar 2 Point 25 million
Miz Dollar 712000
Kofi Kingston Dollar 354200
Daniel Bryan Dollar 700000
The Rock Dollar 3 Point 5 million
Seth Rollins Dollar 310000
Rusev Dollar 725000
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