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Water Parks

Rules to play Finswimming


Water Parks

Kids love water parks and why shouldnt they? Wave pools, giant slides, and squirting fountains are a lot of fun. To stay safe, find out what each attraction is like and how deep the water is. Some wave pools can get rough, so its a good idea to have an adult nearby.

Here are other water park safety tips:

Wear a life jacket if you dont know how to swim or if youre not a strong swimmer.

Read all of the signs before going on a ride. Make sure you are tall enough, old enough, and dont have any of the medical conditions that are listed. If you have questions, check with a parent or ask the lifeguard.

Always make sure theres a lifeguard at each ride and listen to his or her instructions. Wait until the rider ahead of you has passed a safe point for you to go down the slide.

Always go down the water slide face up and feet first. This is the safe and correct way to ride.

When you go from ride to ride, dont run its slippery! Also, remember that each ride is different. Read each sign and note how deep the water is in the pool.


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