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Quick Content Marketing Tips

Use the words you and I
Keep it simple
Get to the point
Use sub headings
Make your headline eye catching
Limit your paragraphs
A picture says a thousand words
Make your images relevant
Create an expectation within your intro
Let your personality shine
Bold italicize and underline
Tell a story
Wrap it up
Back up your points
Showcase your accomplishments
Make your content actionable
Use instructional videos and images
Give them more
Use stats within your headlines
Make your headlines results driven
Dont forget industry insights
Focus on evergreen content
Focus on long tail topics
Solve your customers problems
Update large portions of your content regularly
Spice it up
Turn your text into visuals
Dont forget the emotional crack
Be trendy
Timing is everything
Visuals are more important than text
Connect your content with pop culture
Use emotional visuals
Test hybrid content
Quantity matters
Consumers want to participate
Keep the vibe light
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