precautions while using overhead projectors

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Precautions while using Overhead Projectors

During most corporate meets, business owners hire projectors from reliable, take proper precautions

During a presentation, you might move around a lot or gesticulate with your hands. Unless you ve clamped or bolted the projector by its housing to the tabletop, you might knock it over. The projector might injure you or someone nearby as it falls. Additionally, if you position the cord over the side of the table or on the floor, you or a member of your audience might trip and fall bodily, pull the projector off the table, or both, resulting in injury.

Overhead Projector Usage
Overhead projector has been a favorite presentation tool
Overhead Transparencies
Basic Understanding
Additional Tips
Effectively use the overhead projector
Stand off to one side of the overhead projector while you face the audience
Bring a spare bulb
Features Overhead Projectors
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