myth about aids

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You cant get HIV from oral sex

Myth about AIDS

A person is considered to have developed AIDS when the immune system is so weak.
You cant get HIV from oral sex

Oral sex is less risky than some other types of sex. But you can get HIV by having oral sex with either a man or a woman who is HIV positive. Always use a latex barrier during oral sex.

If Im receiving treatment I cant spread the HIV virus
ARVs disfigure you
HIV will progress to AIDS and the person will die soon
People who have HIV cannot have sex with people who do not have HIV
Im straight and dont use IV drugs I wont become HIV positive
AIDS is mostly an African problem
I cant have more than one sexually transmitted disease at a time
AIDS is genocide
Im HIV positive my life is over
You cant get HIV from oral sex
You have to take 100 persent of your doses or else the drugs stop working
Scientists are five years from a cure for AIDS
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