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Get to Know Healthy Kitchen Practices

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Get to Know Healthy Kitchen Practices

Example: Foods That Require Careful Cooking Certain foods, especially if they are not properly cooked, cause indigestion. Some people react unfavourable to certain foods like beans, cabbage, onions, cucumber, radishes and seafood. Fried foods as well as rich and spicy foods often cause abdominal discomfort and gas, and aggravate the existing condition.
What are some other important considerations?

  • Excessive smoking and intake of alcohol can also cause stomach upsets.
  • Constipation may interfere with the normal flow of ingested matter through the gastro-intestinal tract, resulting in gas and abdominal pain.
  • Drinking too much water with meals, insomnia, emotions such as jealousy, fear and anger and lack of exercise are among the other causes of indigestion.

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