valentines day

Remember that money isnt meaningful

Valentines day

Saint Valentines Day also known as Valentines Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine.
Remember that money isnt meaningful

With all the ads and commercials about presents, theres a lot of pressure to spend and spend big on Valentines Day. This might lead you to spend money you dont have or turn you off from the holiday altogether. But remember that romance doesnt have a price tag, Cloke said.Instead of viewing Valentines Day as a wily marketing ploy, Orbuch suggested seeing it as an opportunity for quality time. And this means different things to different couples. For instance, you might want to dine out at a nice restaurant or stay in and cuddle on the couch, she said.

Small box with Kisses
Valentines Day card
Channel your inner poet
Vamp it up
Write down how you feel
Plan a dream date that wont cost you a dime
Fill a need for your partner
Remember that money isnt meaningful
Send him a personalized video card
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