fastest goal in world cup history

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Clint Dempsey 2014

Fastest Goal in World Cup History

Clint Dempsey 2014

In the United States 21 victory over Ghana, Clint Dempsey scored the fastest World Cup goal by an American. He gave the US a dream start to the World Cup, scoring with their first attack, after just 29 seconds. The goal was the fastest goal of the 2014 World Cup so far, and the 5thfastest goal in World Cup history.

Bryan Robson 1982
Fastest Goal in World Cup History
Ernst Lehner 1934
Emile Veinante 1938
Hakan Sukur 2002
Bernard Lacombe 1978
Clint Dempsey 2014
Arne Nyberg 1938
Vaclav Masek 1962
Florian Albert 1962
Adalbert Desu 1930
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