tips for portfolio photography

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How do you get images for a portfolio

Tips for Portfolio Photography

How to quickly and easily build a photography portfolio that will take you from hobbyist.
How do you get images for a portfolio

Shoot free and shoot cheap. Many of the images in a wedding portfolio are still life pictures that can be created without a wedding. Get some flowers and practice macro photography. Shoot your own wedding ring. Create evocative portraits of family members and friends. Practice using different styles photojournalism, romantic, fun. Photograph local buildings to illustrate that you can do architecture. I recently viewed the website of a photographer who did great architectural photos of a Dunkinand Donuts.
I shot my first wedding for a friend, who agreed to pay for half of my film costs. What a bargain for both of us I also had a friend in politics, and shot political portraits for his campaign. And somewhere I met the owner of an exercise business and shot her facility and staff after hours. These free photos were used by the people in them, and gave me invaluable experience. NOTE WELL: When you present your pictures to your customer, show them only the really good ones and edit out the duds. The brochures and prints from these sessions were an important part of my portfolio for years.

Consider the quality
Only Use High Resolution Images
What makes an image worthy of being in a portfolio
Get a Second Opinion
How do you get images for a portfolio
Think of your target
What kind of pictures should you include in your portfolio
Get an experts opinion then be prepared to throw it out
What is a photography portfolio
Provide Details with Each Photo
Narrow Down Your Choices of Images
Try to Keep the Contrast High
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