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The Pool Gems Tips Tricks and Secrets



1.Use a consistent and purposeful preshot routine.

2.Make sure your vision center is always aligned properly.

3.Ghostball aiming can be a useful visualization tool.

4.The contactpointtocontactpoint or parallellines system can be a useful visualization tool.

5.The doublethedistance or doubletheoverlap aiming system can be a useful visualization tool.

6.Your cue can be used to help you aim .

7.Make sure you are sighting shots consistently and purposefully.

8.Be leery and suspicious of exaggerated claims concerning some cutshot aiming systems. Having said this, these systems do offer benefits to some people.

9.With good technique, HAMB ( Hit a Million Balls ) is the best system for aiming success.


Draw Shot
Safety Play
Carom and Kiss Shots
Break Shot
Speed Control
Masse Shot
Cue Ball Control
Bank and Kick Shots
Position Control
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